KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — Knox County search teams have found a body in Fort Loudoun Lake after they were called out to search for a man that disappeared Thursday afternoon in the Concord area.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) identified the man as 60-year-old Rodney Meryweather.

Jeff Bagwell with Rural Metro said crews were called out to 11600 South Northshore Drive at the Concord Yacht Club Thursday night.

According to KCSO, Meryweather told his wife he was going to clean his boat, but he hadn't been heard from since early Thursday afternoon. 

When his wife went to check on him, she found his belongings on the dock near his boat, but could not find him.  

The Knox County Sheriff's Office was then notified.

Crews with the Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad Dive Team were searching the water in that area Thursday night. An Air Watch team was assisting in the search before they found the body.