Trying to keep warm during the cold winter months could lead to a chilling utility bill when it arrives next month.

When it's cold, the heating units at your home will run longer to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. In addition, freezing weather can lead to frozen pipes, which will cause many additional problems!

KUB offers these tips to stay warm and not max out your bill:

  • Keep the thermostat set between 65 and 68 degrees and lower the thermostat when away from home or sleeping. You should dress in layers even inside the house.
  • Make sure you’re not losing heat through leaks and drafts. Insulating and sealing your windows and doors can stop heat loss. Rolled-up towels can help as a short term solution for leaks and drafts.
  • Disconnect hoses and cover outside faucets.
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks and vanities to keep warm air circulating around pipes, and let faucets drip into a open drain.
  • Locate and test your home’s water cut-off so that if pipes do freeze, you can shut the water off immediately.
  • Don't thaw a frozen pipe with an open flame or torch. Breaks to home water lines should be repaired as soon as possible by a licensed plumber.

If you have a power outage, you should report it by calling 524-2911 or logging on to on a computer, tablet, or smart phone,

You can view existing power outages here.

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