If you set off fireworks for the Fourth, firefighters are asking you not to just toss them in your trash bin.

The Knoxville Fire Department would prefer people not to shoot off fireworks in the city limits at all since it's illegal -- but for those who did, they still want people safely disposing of them.

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KFD Captain D.J. Corcoran said people should dunk any duds in water before tossing them into the trash to make sure they aren't accidentally set off. 

People should also do a second sweep of the spots they set off fireworks at for any leftover hazards and unspent fireworks to keep them out of the wrong hands.

"A lot of times there are packs of firecrackers that they'll light one and throw them all out," Corcoran said. "Inevitably, one will get thrown out to the side and it will be a unspent shell, and a lot of times kids can find those. And what's a kid going to do? They're gonna try to light it or do something with it."

As for storing fireworks, he said the's a bad idea. Corcoran said keeping them in a car or garage can increase the risk of an unwanted fire.