The Knoxville Fire Department has been equipped with a new tool to better treat victims on the scene.

In water rescues, fires and other emergency situations, fire paramedics often have to work fast to treat victims who aren't breathing or having trouble getting air because they have fluid in their lungs, severe smoke inhalation, or severe allergic reactions.

Fire paramedics frequently have to intubate, or put a tube in patients' throats,  to save lives. Now they have a new laryngoscope equipped with a camera to better help them treat victims on the scene

The new scope will let them see inside patients' airways, making it much easier to intubate and diagnose people.

"It actually gives us an ideal look at what we're going at. It gives us a steady view the whole time we're intubating so we know for sure our intubation is correct, in the right place and it makes it a whole lot more simpler," he said.

KFD said it trains every six months on intubation procedures and equipment.