The children’s charity "Kids Wish Network" granted the wish of one East Tennessee girl on Tuesday.

The organization took 11-year-old Kyla Powell on a “bountiful” shopping spree at more than 15 stores throughout West Town Mall, including Hot Topic, Rue 21, Hollister and Bath & Body Works where she was treated to “gifts galore” and a “luxurious beauty makeover,” event sponsors said.

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She also got a limo escort home after the trip and a dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Kyla has Type I diabetes, which has caused her numerous health issues since he was a child.

The wish network describes her as “a vibrant, stubborn, and independent child with a passion for art, history, and music.”

A few days after her 11th birthday, she complained of strong pain and cramping in her legs, network officials noted on the organization’s website. Her dad recognized the symptoms because he also suffered from them as a result of diabetes.

Kyla’s parents tested her blood sugar, and the results showed that her glucose level was at 564, more than twice the norm. Anything above 200 suggests diabetes.

Since her family was very familiar with diabetes, Kyla went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital for four days as she received treatment for her illness.

Her mom told WBIR 10News on Tuesday that the best part of the shopping spree is that it distracts kyla from her disease.

“She can forget what it's like to be a diabetic for two hours and just be a little girl who loves to shop and not have to worry about it,” she said.