Young-Williams Animal Center was so excited for the premiere of Game of Thrones that they just couldn't hide it!

No, the center isn't adopting out Direwolves -- but you can still enjoy tons of adorable pet photos they created ahead of Sunday's premiere of the show's eighth and final season to help animals find forever homes.

YWAC has some talented folks working with Photoshop who were able to put adoptable dog, cat and even ferret faces on popular characters -- creating the Cat Night King, Kitty Daenerys Targaryen, and Pupper Jon Snow. 

"Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows right now, so we thought we would tie that in with our marketing strategy in order to get more people in our doors," YWAC marketing manager Courtney Kliman said. "And that's why we launched that campaign, to show that we have awesome dogs that want to watch by your side." 

She said Young-Williams is starting to have limited cage space, so now would be a great time to consider adopting.

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Young-Williams Animal Center Standard Adoption Fees

Puppies – $250

Adult Dogs – $40

Kittens – $100 & always buy one, get one free

Adult Cats – $25

Adult Cats over 3 years – always free

Small mammals and exotics range from $10 – $60