Knoxville — Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs named six new senior staff members in his administration on Friday, including two new positions he created, a news release from the Office of the Mayor said.

The two new positions are education liaison and Diversity Development Manager, which Jacobs said he created to focus on education as one of his priorities, as well as ensure equal economic opportunities are available to all, the release explained.

Jacobs named State Representative Roger Kane to the education liaison position, the purpose of which is "to take a comprehensive overview of the county’s entire education infrastructure and ensure it is providing our children with the tools necessary for success, not only in school but throughout life," the release said.

12-year veteran of the U.S. Navy Darris Upton was named the Diversity Development Manager, a position that aims to create equal economic opportunities for small, minority-owned, women-owned as well as veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses, the release explained. Upton had previously worked in community relations with the City of Knoxville's Office of Neighborhoods, as well as a case manager for the Knoxville Community Action Committee.

Four others were appointed to existing roles: Jim Snowden was named the Director of Engineering and Public Works, Dwight Van de Vate is now the Director of Community Development, Zack Webb is the Interim Director of Information Technology and Paul White will be the Senior Director of Parks and Recreation, according to the release.

Jacobs kept all the other senior directors in their current roles.

“I am committed to filling my administration with people who are aligned with my goal of providing the citizens of Knox County the services they expect while maintaining fiscal responsibility and transparency,” Mayor Jacobs said in the release. “We’ve been able to hit the ground running with the staff now in place, and we’re excited about the great things on the horizon for Knox County.”

Jacob's transition team, Bryan Hair and Rob Link, were appointed Chief of Staff and Communications Director, respectively.