Copper Ridge Elementary School partnered with the Sharon Baptist Church to provide food for 50 families in need throughout the year and more specifically the summer.

Rick Johnson is an associate pastor at Sharon Baptist Church. He said the Backpack Kids program has a specific and heartfelt goal.

"Looking at the opportunity to meet the need of people who are struggling and who don't have a lot and working to see how we can help to support them," Johnson said.

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At the beginning of each week churchgoers work together to gather food donations and money that can be used to purchase food. Volunteers then meet bright and early every Wednesday morning, pack up dozens of bags and set off to deliver them house to house.

According to Principal Jennifer Atkins, Miss Mary Lou Heath is at the forefront of the volunteer work every week.

"She does it by herself during the school year and has food ready for students each Friday for the kid," Atkins said.

But Johnson said need looks a little different for everyone making the program's mission even more important.

"It is an eyeopener to see the variety of needs that need to be met," Johnson said. "Sometimes you have to look for those opportunities to serve but it's there, everywhere you go."

Stephanie Marti is a mom of three and two of her kids go to Copper Ridge. Every week volunteers drop by her home to deliver food and smiles.

"The kids love it, they wait on them and talk to the people that come with," Marti said. "The extra help is good because during the summer the kids eat a little more than they do at school so it's hard to keep up with them."

She works Monday through Friday and said the program means one less worry for families in need.

"It's a little less stress off of them, especially during the summer," Marti said.

The summer program starts the second week after school ends and ends the last Wednesday of the summer before school starts.

"Whatever they need, to try to meet the need, we will be there for them," Johnson said.