Lonsdale Elementary is facing an overcrowding issue.

Right now, the school has nine classrooms and five portables including two that have been in place for more than ten years.

The proposed solution is to move five first grade and five kindergarten classes to Sam E. Hill Elementary.

Teachers at Lonsdale Elementary love their school even though it has some issues.

"We do have handrails, so I can navigate the school that way, but if we didn't have handrails, I wouldn't be able to navigate the steps,” explained translator Griselda Sandoval.

Due to a disability it's hard for her to get around, but the school depends on her. Roughly 45 percent of students get one hour a day learning English as a second language.

"They rely on, "ok my cousin is here so this cousin is going to help me navigate this school," so they will be missing on that,” said Sandoval describing the difficulties facing non-English speakers entering a new school.

Many teachers believe sending kindergarten and first grade students to Sam E. Hill Elementary would put that same burden on parents.

"Grandmother, mother, me, my children and now their children, so that's five generations,” said LaQuasha Yarbrough.

For Yarbrough, Lonsdale Elementary is a family institution. She's concerned moving students is the wrong way to address overcrowding.

"I feel like it's going to be permanent and it shouldn't be, we should have the addition because our updates are long overdue," explained Yarbrough.

The building's last addition was built in 1956, but Chief Academic Officer John Rysewyk says
this solution isn't set in stone. They plan to meet the community next week to discuss their options moving forward.

"I think it's going to be a good conversation to reach the best solution for everybody," explained Rysewyk.

Right now, Knox County currently has two schools split into primary and intermediate. For Lonsdale and Sam E. Hill, improvements will happen even if this transition doesn't.

"There are some things they are going to do to those two facilities regardless if this move happens or not,” Rysewyk said.

The Superintendent’s Community Listening Session will be held Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 5:30 p.m.