Even though it's not a presidential election year, Knox County voters are swarming to the polls early -- possibly breaking a county record in the process.

Generally, midterm elections see a lower-than-average voter turnout compared to presidential election years -- but this does not appear to be the case for the 2018 midterms.

According to the Knox County Election Commission, 9,265 people cast votes Wednesday on the first day of early voting. The commission said this is the best first day numbers for early voting in at least 10 years, which includes the last three presidential elections.

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The commission said it's believed this is the most early votes ever cast on the first day in Knox County history.

On Thursday, an even larger number of voters showed up to the polls. Knox County said it was another banner day with 9,507 people voting.

Comparatively, this election season has seen historically higher voter turnout as a whole. During the August primary elections in Tennessee, 2018 similarly saw higher early voter turnout than in many years past.

Early voting continues until Nov. 1 and election day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.