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Knox Pride event helps people find quality clothes for free amid high inflation

The "Out of the Closet" event takes place four times a year.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — With inflation being near the highest it has been in 40 years, one local organization is helping bring some relief to East Tennessee people.

Four times a year, the doors at Knox Pride's clothing closet are open for everybody in the community.

"It is a very great feeling to see so many different walks of life, different races, different sexualities come through and just build that community that I feel like it has been missing," Alexander Saffell, who works with Knox Pride, said.

Through its "Out of the Closet Thrifting Day," people can fill a clothing bag with whatever items they want with a $10 donation or they can take clothes for free.

Safell said the event, though, is more important now. He added the organization has heard how some people have had to steer away from buying new clothes because of inflation.

"Within the queer community job security is a big issue and being able to afford nicer clothes to actually get a job is very hard if you do not have the income," he explained. "So us having this opportunity where you can get clothes at a discount that are nice, well looking and professional is a great plus."

That is why Saffell said "Out of the Closet Day" has become so crucial: because it brings some relief to anyone who needs it in East Tennessee, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality.

"It is helping others that might not have the funds to go to Walmart to buy clothes, or they cannot afford business attire," he added.


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