Voters in Knoxville City Council districts one, two, three, four and six headed to the polls Tuesday for the primary election.

Five of nine City Council sets are up for election. The council members representing those five districts are all term-limited, and therefore cannot run for re-election.

An unprecedented 30 candidates put their names on the ballot. The top two candidates in each district move on to the general election Nov. 7, however; there is a tie in district four. The City Council will decide what comes next for the results in that district.


District One
Stephanie Welch- 487 votes, 64.25%
Rebecca Parr- 127 votes, 16.75%

District Two
Andrew Roberto- 807 votes, 39.16%
Wayne Christensen- 619 votes, 30.03%

District Three
James Edward Corcoran- 377 votes, 47.60%
Seema Singh Perez- 199 votes, 25.13%

District Four
Lauren Rider- 889 votes, 43.51%
Amelia Parker- 488 votes, 23.89%
Harry Tindell- 488 votes, 23.89%

District Six
Gwen McKenzie- 314 votes, 22.24%
Jennifer Montgomery- 244 votes, 17.28%

Full results are available here.

More than 75,000 people were eligible to vote in the August primary, but only a little more than 7,000 cast their ballot.