It started with a 2 a.m. call.

Seth and Lauren Dahl quickly realized they needed to take their three children and animals as far away from the oncoming fire as possible.

Lauren is a Knoxville native who started a family after moving to California. Their neighborhood in California faced the flames of the Woolsey fire which, as of Friday, has destroyed over 500 buildings.

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"He got the kids and the dogs and I did the large animals," said Lauren Dahl.

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"I kind of grabbed them and said hey guys, we're gonna go on an adventure," her husband Seth said.

The Woolsey fire took three lives including their neighbor. Some neighbors stayed behind in an attempt to save what they could with garden hoses. Eventually, a fire truck pulled down the road.

"One of the neighbors was putting out spot fires by their home, saw a fire truck pull by waved it down...apparently they pulled in as the fire was right up to the fence," said Seth.

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When the Dahls temporarily returned to their home, they found a note from Captain Tom Valdez of Fire Station 69 with the LA Fire Department.

The note read:

"Engine Company 69 was responsible to safeguard your home. We stood by when the fire blew over and put out the hot spots. I hope you don't mind, but we used your restroom. We appreciate it."

The Dahls say they are appreciative for the firemen and their note.

"I was like oh, man, of course, we don't mind you could've ate all the food!" said Seth.

The family hopes to return to their home soon but does not yet have a time frame of when they might return to their home to live full-time.