Knoxville — The Knoxville Jewish Alliance honored victims of the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed 11 people.

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The organization hosted a memorial Monday at 7 p.m. at the Arnstein Jewish Community Center at 6800 Deane Hill Drive in Knoxville.

In a Facebook post, President of the Knoxville Jewish Alliance Chip Rayman said:

"The attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh is horrific. We mourn this attack with Jews all over the world. We feel for the families. We mourn with them."

Rayman then quotes from the Bible, in Proverbs chapter three.

According to its Facebook page, the mission of the Knoxville Jewish Alliance (KJA) is to serve the Jewish people locally, in Israel, and throughout the world.

Through coordinated fundraising, community-wide programming, social services, educational, and other activities, the KJA seeks to:

A. Build community;

B. Provide assistance for those in need;

C. Promote Jewish culture and identity;

D. Develop effective Jewish leaders;

E. Enhance community relations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally;

F. Operate and maintain the Arnstein Jewish Community Center (AJCC).