KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — What would you think if you lost your driver's license in the ocean?

If you're like Knoxville business owner Amber Massey, you would assume it is gone for good.

Well, in this case, a friendly diver and a very devoted Facebook group defied that expectation nearly three months later. 

Massey and her boyfriend, Marc Wagers, took a last minute cruise to Mexico and Honduras in November to celebrate her birthday.

The couple stepped off the boat in Cozumel and started sorting through their valuables before heading out.

Wagers was pulling their driver's licenses out of his wallet when a huge gust of wind blew Massey's ID out of his hand and into the ocean.  

"It was just like a slow motion movie where it just kind of like flies away," Massey said.

The wind and choppy waters kept them from jumping in after it, and Massey thought, at the very least, it would wash ashore long after she returned to Tennessee.

She said the cruise line was very understanding, especially for Wagers' sake.

"I freaked out," Massey said. "I just knew I was going to be the victim of identity theft."

Massey applied for a new license when she got home, assuming her old one was gone for good.

That is, until early January, when she got a text from a woman she did not know. 

The woman told Massey her photo had turned up on a Facebook group called Cozumel 4 You.

Amber Massey

A diver named Kenneth Stromberg from the Cozumel Dive School had found Massey's license floating in the ocean and posted in the Facebook group to find her.

Massey received 15 more messages and texts from people trying to see if it was her license.

A week later, a man named Mark Lindsey reached out to her to let her know he would mail the license back when he returned to the United States. 

Soon after, Massey received a letter postmarked from Dallas, Texas with her license inside. 

"I have probably lost three or four driver's licenses since I was 16 years old, and I have never acquired any of them back," Massey said. "Somehow this one made its way all the way back from Cozumel, Mexico."

Massey said she plans to send a postcard to the divers who helped her get her license back.

"Instead of just throwing it away, this man took it upon himself to reach out, and not only him but tons of other people in this group, made sure I got it back," Massey said.   

She also said her boyfriend is off the hook.