The City of Knoxville made history on Thursday by appointing a female to become the next Chief of Police.

Deputy Chief Eve Thomas started working for KPD in 1993 and has held numerous positions.

"I think this is a huge step for women and the Knoxville community," Rhoni Basden, the Executive Director for Girls Inc. of the Tennessee Valley, said.

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Basden said Knoxville has so many women in key positions, including Mayor Madeline Rogero, and this opens the door for many young girls.

"This now gives young girls an opportunity to see themselves in roles they haven't been able to before. It gives them something tangible to look forward to," Basden said.

Just last year, Renae McDermott became the first FBI female special agent in charge in Knoxville, just to add to the list of high profile females in the community.

"Women should very much be at the table making the decisions that move Knoxville forward," Basden said.

One of the people at that table is Lauren Rider.

"There were people who said they wouldn't vote for me because I was a woman," Lauren Rider, City Councilwoman for the 4th District in Knoxville, said.

Rider is now a City Councilwoman for the 4th District in Knoxville and she said it shouldn't be surprising to see females in these roles.

"When women are over 50 percent of the population it should be a given that you see 50 percent of the leadership positions are filled with women," Rider said.

Rider said while it's great to have females in these positions, she still believes the most important thing is to have the best person in the role, male or female.