The Three Rivers Rambler of Knoxville has added an autumn tour complete with Halloween decorations.
On Oct. 27, 2017, Live at Five at Four was aboard the 4:13 p.m. train for some leaf watching and some adorable costumed kids.

The Three Rivers Rambler will offer an All Hallow's Eve Special.

Saturday, Oct. 28 at 10:13am, 1:14pm, 4:13pm (Steam)

Sunday, Oct. 29 at 1:13pm, 4:13pm (Steam)

Monday, Oct. 30 at 6:13pm (Diesel)

The Halloween-themed rides will include a special presentation of "the Phantom Railway," narrated by local musician Wendel Werner.

Guests are encouraged to dress up in costume if they'd like.

Three Rivers Rambler's annual Christmas Lantern Express trains begin Thanksgiving Weekend and will include holiday decorations, treats and story time with celebrity readers and of course, a visit with Santa Claus.

Friday, November 24 at 9:45am, 1pm & 4:15pm (Diesel)
Sunday, November 26 at 9:45am, 1pm & 4:15pm (Diesel)

Friday, December 1 at 4:15pm
Saturday, December 2 at 9:45am, 1pm & 4:15pm (Steam)
Sunday, December 3 at 1pm & 4:15pm (Steam)

Friday, December 8 at 4:15pm (Diesel)
Saturday, December 9 at 9:45am, 1pm & 4:15pm (Steam)
Sunday, December 10 at 1pm & 4:15pm (Steam)

Friday, December 15 at 4:15pm
Saturday, December 16 at 9:45am, 1pm & 4:15pm (Steam)
Sunday, December 17 at 1pm & 4:15pm (Steam)
Monday, December 18 at 4:15pm (Diesel)
Tuesday, December 19 at 1pm & 4:15pm (Diesel)
Wednesday, December 20 at 1pm & 4:15pm (Diesel)
Thursday, December 21 at 1pm & 4:15pm (Diesel)
Friday, December 22 at 1pm & 4:15pm (Diesel)
Saturday, December 23 at 9:45am, 1pm & 4:15pm (Steam)

Ticket Prices:

$28.50 Adults
$27.50 Seniors (over the age of 55)
$16 (Children ages 3-12)
$7.50 (Toddler)

Note: There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets.

Reservations can be made on their website or by calling 865-924-9411. The Three Rivers Rambler depot is located at 2560 University Commons Way.