KNOXVILLE — The Knoxville Police Department and the Morristown Police Department have resumed normal operations after enacting severe weather policies over the weekend for how they responded to crashes.

KPD was on a Severe Weather Plan Level 1. That means officers in these three departments will only be responding to emergency calls or crashes involving injury. The Morristown Police Department enacted its severe weather-snow plan policy as well to do deal with the snow and ice East Tennessee saw Sunday and Monday.

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The snow plans affect procedure in the event of a crash. Officers said if you are involved in a property damage crash, you should exchange information with the other driver.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office had implemented its emergency snow plan in response to weather conditions Sunday morning. The Knox County Sheriff's Office said it will reactivate its snow plan once snow begins to fall again.

As of 7:20 p.m., KCSO was off of the emergency snow plan and said it was answering calls as normal. Officials said drivers should still be cautious on bridges and overpasses that could still be slick.

We will continue to update you when those emergency plans become lifted.

Right now, officials are urging those who can to stay home and off the roadways.