Police officers never know what they'll find when they respond to prowler calls.

Knoxville Police officers came across a 200-pound Vietnamese pot-belly pig while on a call in North Knoxville Thursday night.

Knoxville police shared a video of the unexpected encounter on Facebook and Twitter.

The pig was determined to be a family's 200-pound indoor pet. Animal control officers said this was the second time this particular pig had gotten out of its home.

The pig was okay, just scared.

Animal control and patrol officers took the pig to Young-Williams Animal Center where it was eventually reunited with its family. Animal control said it decided to hold off on immediately letting the pig go home until they could 'educate the family' on how to properly contain the 200-lb pet indoors.

The pig is apparently trained knows basic commands such as 'sit.'

Young-Williams said pigs have become a pervasive problem for the shelter. YWAC said it's received about 30 pigs in the past year, saying they’re expensive to feed, tough to adopt out and costly to spay and neuter.

Animal Shelter: Potbellied pigs becoming a pervasive problem