More animal lives were lost in the devastating fire at the Little Ponderosa Zoo than we previously thought.

On Monday, fire broke out in the main barn at the small Clinton zoo, which rescues animals in need and gives them a home. Despite the efforts of brave employees running into the burning building to save the animals, dozens were killed.

The zoo memorialize those animals in a video posted on their Facebook page.

There are more than 90 animals pictured in the video, including several monkeys, foxes, snakes, lizards, goats, birds, rabbits, porcupines, guinea pigs, turtles and many other small mammals.

Among the dead was George, a little monkey who was rescued from a home where police found a meth lab. Another monkey named Mikey was surrendered by his owner after animal control threatened to euthanize him for bad behavior.

A 120-year old tortoise was also killed. His name was Tonka.

"He's been here in this ol' world longer than you and I have been," James Cox, founder of the zoo, said.

Cox said Tonka has a lot to remember in his life.

"Tonka survived the great depression," Cox said. "I am very fortunate, I didn't have to go through it. Tonka survived it, he went through it and survived it."

Tonka made great memories, especially here in East Tennessee.

"Great memories Tonka left, and a lot of kids loved Tonka, he was a big African tortoise," Cox said. "All I guess I can say about Tonka, is rest in peace my friend, we miss you."

The zoo will continue to rebuild.

"We know it's going to be a long journey, but we've got the community behind us," Cox said.

Cox hasn't stopped working to care for the ones who survived.

"Without the support of everybody we couldn't have done it, but we're going to do it," Cox said.

They've received so much help, Cox said they're just looking for monetary donations now.

"I have had more children ask me, are you going to rebuild?" Cox said. "Yeah, we're going to. So I have made a commitment to the community and to the children."

So many more animals, loved so much by their caretakers and the community who visited them, were lost.

While the loss was great, many more animals did survive, and are now being housed at donated tents on the property. The fire also destroyed most of the zoo's food and supplies, so they are asking the community for help. If you'd like to donate, click here.