Knoxville — More than 160 children are on the waiting list to be matched with a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee.

Isaiah, 11, is following in his sister's footsteps, and he is looking for a friend.

"My sister was on the list before me. She had two big sisters," said Isaiah. "My sister, I can't really talk to her a lot because she's a girl, and I'm a boy, and I want to do different stuff than her."

He is hoping to get matched with someone he can have fun with but the non-profit needs more volunteers.

"Hang out, watch movies and have a good time," he said. "I want him to be nice, to be fun, to be exciting."

Isaiah is also looking for a little adventure.

"I've never been hang gliding, but at the same time I'm afraid of heights," he laughed.

Isaiah, admittedly shy, is new to middle school and says having someone to talk would help his confidence.

So, if you like to try new things and you can commit a couple hours two or three times a month, maybe you and Isaiah can live a little.

Click here to volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee.