On his first day on the job, it's only natural that Randy Boyd would bring his best friend.

The new UT interim president introduced his little brother, Jojo, to students as they walked around on campus.

Both are huge fans of the Vols which made their behind-the-scenes tour of the Anderson Training Center all the more special.

Randy and Jojo have shared many experiences since they were first matched eight years ago through Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee.

"My first impression really was when we were playing basketball and I beat him, and he wouldn't give up, he just kept trying," Jojo laughed.

Persistence is something Boyd has tried to instill in the 16-year-old -- especially as the pair traveled the state together during his run for governor.

"He was on the campaign bus for two months and had a job as one of our aide, and he was on the advanced team so he'd go out and set up tables and hand out brochures, travel on the bus, 16 hour days for about 2 months," Boyd said.

It's a bond that was strengthened during their time on the road.

"I call him my real brother," Jojo said.

Boyd surprised Jojo with lunch with three of the university's star athletes, including UT football safety Todd Kelly Jr.


"You could do a lot of stuff that you probably couldn't do before," Jojo said. "You could say it's a life changer."

Life is certainly about to get busier for Boyd in his new role on campus.

"Everybody has the same amount of time, it's just a matter of priorities," Boyd said.

One thing will always be clear when it comes to Jojo, though.

"It's a lifetime relationship and we're going to be friends forever whether he likes it or not," Boyd laughed.

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