In a time of need, East Tennesseans are opening their homes to people fleeing Hurricane Florence.

Airbnb reactivated its Open Homes program in East Tennessee to help with that process. The program allows hosts to open up their spaces to people fleeing disaster for free.

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Kim Rubey is the global head of social impact and philanthropy at Airbnb. She said it's a great way to get the word out to people who may still be looking for a place to weather out the storm.

"If you have available space or any extra space we would love for you to consider Airbnb's Open Homes platform," Rubey said.

Since activating the program, dozens of hosts have posted openings and many have already booked families evacuating from North Carolina and South Carolina.

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"It's amazing to see how generous and big hearted our hosts are to families in their darkest hour," she said.

Bill Armstrong and his wife have been hosts for almost a year now and are expecting a family evacuating from North Carolina Thursday night.

"You're filling a need for those who are in need," he said. "It's just opening your home, showing how much you care for your fellow human, your fellow man and I just think it's a great thing."

Host Jacob Filer is expecting a family evacuating South Carolina this weekend. He said it's all about making sure you are an asset to your global community.

"I think Airbnb us about community and I mean what's better in a community than helping out others," he said.

Knoxville is one of dozens of cities responding to the hurricane. The Open Home program will end on October 1.