On Saturday, Ryan Overman and his family returned from Washington D.C. only to be completely surprised when they made it home. Local volunteers renovated Overman's room to look like the oval office.

Ryan's dad, David Overman, said the surprise meant that Ryan would always have a piece of his favorite place with him.

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"It's beautiful, especially after him seeing the oval office in person, him being able to live in his own version of the oval office is great," Overman said.

Ryan now has a rug with the presidential seal on it as well as an oil painting of the United States Capitol.

This all comes after months of planning. Ryan Overman and his family left for a week in the nation's capital last Saturday, Oct. 6.

"We were excited when we found out and Ryan was just as excited when he found out too," said David Overman, Ryan's father.

The trip was made possible by the Wish Connection, an organization that grants wishes to young people with different types of medical conditions.

"About two years ago, Ryan was nominated to get a wish and for the last couple of months we've been working to grant that wish for him," Wish Connection Representative Judi Jensen said.

The organization relies on local businesses and donations to help make wishes possible. Something Jensen says brings everyone together.

"It not only brings the kid happiness, but it brings the community joy too because it is so involved," Jensen said.

While in D.C., Ryan and his family will go on a private tour of the White House, the United States Capitol, the Smithsonian and more.

But his excitement will not end there. While he's visiting the monuments, volunteers are hard at work remodeling his bedroom.

"Ryan doesn't know this yet but they are turning his bedroom into a the oval office." David said. "I just know he's going to be so excited."

The family is set to return to Knoxville on Oct. 13 and Wish Connection representatives are hoping people will come out to the airport to welcome them home. They encourage those who want to help greet him to reach out to the organization to learn more.