An East Tennessee woman fighting a controversial law that criminalizes women who use drugs while pregnant testified before lawmakers Tuesday.

Brittany Hudson was one of the first women in the state to be charged under the fetal assault law for taking prescription pills while pregnant. Hudson is now clean.

The law is set to expire on July 1, 2016.

Hudson asked the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee not to renew the law on Tuesday. She told lawmakers she didn't receive treatment while she pregnant because the law scared her.

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“The biggest thing is like what people are saying, the lack of treatment,” she told lawmakers. “Where are you sending these pregnant women? If you're going to put a law in place at least have somewhere for them to go. There is none. There's no places. We're a liability.”

Others testified the law *should* stand, including another mother who took drugs while pregnant.
That woman said if it were not for the law, she never would have gotten help.

Almost 1,000 babies were born drug-dependent in Tennessee in 2015.

The subcommittee chose not to vote today, despite debate and testimony lasting for about two hours. It will take the bill up again next week. The bill is is awaiting action in the Senate.

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