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Local retired forensic specialist claims he's found a way to locate lost graves

Art Bohanan located hundreds of missing grave sites in Sevierville and attributes his findings to new technology he created.

Arthur Bohanan, a retired forensic scientist and law enforcement official, said he's come up with technology, never used before, to find buried bodies.

"I can scan a grave and tell you with 99% accuracy if it is a male, female, adult or child," Bohanan said.

Bohanan is a fingerprint expert and has taught and spoken to groups all over the country.

Bohanan claims he has found not only a way to find missing graves, but learn something about the person buried underground with what he calls a 'human remains locator.'

"It locates human remains at over a thousand years old," he said.

Arthur has been conducting research since 2015 and recently worked with the city of Sevierville.

"The City of Sevierville asked us to scan the old cemetery by the fire station and the high school. There's a lot of unmarked graves in there and when we got finished we found 404 unmarked graves," Bohanan said.

With over three years of research, it took more than just Arthur Bohanan. He's had a lot of help from two young boys that are family friends.

"Charlie is a great grandson of a friend of mine," Bohanan said.

Charlie McNamara is 10 years old and he's been working alongside Bohanan.

"We've been finding graves and seeing if they're male or female," Charlie said.

"Their role is to see where the earth has been disturbed by using divining rods and then you see if it's a body there or just a water pipe or something else in the ground," Bohanan said.

So, how does it work?

"It responds to the magnetic energy left in the body after the decay process and the basic elements are there," Bohanan said.

As far as specifics...

"It's still kind of undercover," he said.

Arthur said he hopes to leave this discovery to the two young boys that have helped him along the way.

Monday night, Bohanan and his team presented their findings at a city council meeting.

The City of Sevierville plans to improve the cemetery and mark each site where the missing graves were found.

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