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Man indicted for pointing gun at minor after 'ding-dong-ditching' incident at his home in 2021

Jeffrey Cheek was charged with aggravated assault after authorities said he left his home with a gun after a minor rang his doorbell and ran away in June 2021.

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — The Knox County Sheriff's Office said Jeffrey Cheek, 41, has been charged with aggravated assault after he approached a minor with a gun after the minor rang his doorbell and ran away after an incident back in June 2021.

They said the minor admitted to "ding-dong-ditching" Cheek with some friends, in West Knox County. According to the police report, the minor was later walking down the road back to their home on Inlet Drive when a car approached them.

The minor said the rest of their group ran into the woods as it approached. The minor also said Cheek got out of the car and then pointed a gun at them, saying that if the minor moved he would shoot.

According to the police report, Cheek then told the minor to get in his vehicle and pointed to the car with his gun. The minor said they were afraid that if they refused, they would be shot.

Cheek brought the minor back to their Inlet Drive home and told their parents that he was "ding dong ditched." When the minor's mother and another witness heard about the story, according to the police report, they called for the parents of the children to pick them up. The police report said that Cheek later followed one of the parents down the driveway on Inlet Drive and asked if the rest of the group was back.

The witness then asked if he pointed a gun at the minor and Cheek claimed "the gun was in my car," according to the police report. He then left the home a second time, according to the police report.

Deputies said they tried to make contact with Cheek at his home. His wife said that he would be out of town until later that month.

He was indicted in Knox County criminal court for the incident in November 2022.

Cheek's attorney told 10News that they do not have any comment at this time. 

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