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Man charged with killing, mutilating parents in West Knox Co.

The FBI has taken a Louisiana man into custody in connection with the slaying of his parents who were found mutilated in their West Knox County house.

The FBI has taken a Louisiana man into custody in connection with the slaying of his parents who were found mutilated in their West Knox County house.

Joel Michael Guy Jr., 28, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the death of Lisa and Joel Guy Sr.

"Both suffered multiple, vicious stab wounds as well as dismemberment," said Michael MacLean, a major with the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

It's believed Guy came home for Thanksgiving last week and that an argument broke out over money.

MacLean called the crime scene "gruesome" and said remains were found throughout the house. He added that some remains were placed in a homemade acid-based solution, that included bleach and sewer cleaners, in an attempt to get rid of the evidence.

"It would be described as horrific - a very gruesome crime scene," said MacLean, adding that there was no indication why the remains were scattered.

The parents were last seen on Friday. Signs indicate that they did put up a struggle, said MacLean.

He added that officials believe Guy stayed in the house after the bodies were dismembered.

FBI agents in Baton Rouge, La., arrested Guy about 3:45 p.m. Tuesday in a coordinated effort with Louisiana authorities, according to the FBI.

The Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office is currently holding Guy. He's listed there as a fugitive out of Knox County.

Investigators spent much of Monday going through the couple's Goldenview Lane home near Lovell Road after they were told the mother didn't show up for work. A patrol unit "say some things that didn't look right, so they entered," officials said.

MacLean said authorities with the FBI, KCSO and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office placed surveillance on Guy during the past few days and apprehended him at his Baton Rouge apartment on Tuesday when he tried to get into his 2006 Hyundai Sonata.

MacLean said Guy, who is a college student in Baton Rouge, hasn't said why he allegedly killed his parents but he needed money and he met with his parents on Thanksgiving to talk about it.

Guy, who does not have a prior criminal record, declined to talk with authorities, MacLean said.

The major said Guy has twin sisters in Maryville and an older sister in Kingsport. The Sheriff's Office spoke with the siblings who told them that Guy didn't give them any indication that anything was wrong.

Authorities are checking on whether there was a life insurance policy he could collect but they don't believe there is.

Officials expect to bring him back to Knox County in the next couple of days.

Neighbors on Goldenview Lane watched outside Monday afternoon and evening as KCSO deputies and investigators went in and out of the crime scene.

"Just horrifying thinking that the quiet neighborhood where everyone waves at each other and willing to help each other, this could happen our street," he said. "It's just hard to believe that could happen."

Nizinski said the street is usually very quiet, and he remembers seeing the Guy's outside walking their dog.

"Everyone just needs to come together and pray for the family," he said. "Everyone that knows them and give support in any way possible.