With forecasts calling for temperatures in the teens and wind chills in the single digits, some businesses on Market Square work to give customers a place to warm up on New Year's Eve.

Knoxville does not plan to distribute space heaters on Market Square because of safety concerns, a city spokesperson told 10News.

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For people hoping to stay warm and see the ball drop, options are more limited. The second floor balcony of Scruffy City Hall is one place were people can take in the ball drop from a heated vantage point.

Scruffy City Hall bartender Chris Creeden said the entertainment house added a coffee machine to its arsenal, and he expects Irish coffees to be a hit on the frigid holiday.

"I think if businesses provide a little heat -- heaters, coffee -- stuff like that, I think it'll be a wonderful time," Creeden said.

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Creeden said to have the most enjoyable night, it's important to do more than just bundle up in layers.

"Bring a good attitude, because it will be very busy, so you might have to wait for things," Creeden said. "But a good attitude, warm clothing. That's it. Just be prepared to have a lot of fun."