DECATUR, Tenn. - The Meigs County School System said local law enforcement took a person into custody shortly after midnight Friday for posting a violent threat to social media.

According to the MCSS, the Meigs County Sheriff's Department received information about an violent threat posted on social media Thursday from students and the community.

It was not specified what the threat was in the release, but other law enforcement agencies confirmed Friday that threat was not related to another post circulating on social media in East Tennessee on Thursday showing a rifle.

Sheriff Joe Guy with the McMinn County Sheriff's Department said authorities believe the post showing a rifle was made "as a prank" after investigating it all night, saying it was not made as a direct threat to any school. Sheriff Guy said people may see extra law enforcement at McMinn schools Friday.

"This is just to reassure students and parents that your safety is our number one priority,' Sheriff Guy said.

Because of some quick reporting by students in Meigs County, officers said they were able to find the person who posted the unspecified social media threat and put them in custody at 12:30 a.m. Friday. The person was not identified and is awaiting a court appearance.

The school system said it was confident that threat was an isolated incident and that there is no current threat to its schools. There will be additional law enforcement presence at the high school Friday, as well as social support for students, staff, parents and guardians.

"The Meigs County School System would like to praise the students and school community who quickly reported this incident to authorities. The sincere and brave actions of those who reported allowed authorities the ability to act quickly to ensure the safety of our community," the school system said in a press release.

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The school system emphasized the importance of the motto "see something, say something" to keep students and faculty safe and prevent tragedies like the Florida school shooting from happening.