2018 marks a decade of reporting our regular series devoted to sharing stories about the lives and life challenges of veterans in East Tennessee.

Our Service & Sacrifice series was inspired by the construction of the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial in downtown Knoxville. It was dedicated in 2008 and holds the names of more than 6,000 veterans from East Tennessee killed in the line of duty since World War I.

In that same year WBIR-TV started producing stories that profiled individual veterans as well as broader issues like healthcare, housing and suicide impacting our men and women in uniform.

Thanks to your interest, phone calls, emails and letters, we have been able to share more than 200 stories and dozens more interviews focused on people who often refer to themselves as “ordinary” who have lived extraordinary lives in service to our country.

We kick off our anniversary year by revisiting a military family in East Tennessee offering a rare intimate glimpse into the imprint of an overseas deployment and its lasting impact.

You can re-watch the original 2008 story with the Eichhorn family below.