(WBIR - Knoxville) "We got a surprise for you - We've flown in your dad and he's here."

Back in 2005, those words signaled a surprise of a lifetime for a 12-year-old boy separated from his father during Hurricane Katrina.

After the storm hit New Orleans, Arnold Learson and his grandmother were among the many New Orleans residents who were evacuated to East Tennessee. They needed a safe place to stay and in Arnold's case, his grandmother needed medical care.

10News featured the Learson family during a series of stories about the evacuees struggles post-Katrina. Through those stories, viewers learned that Arnold's father stayed in New Orleans to assist in city-wide evacuations efforts. The father put Arnold and his grandmother in a boat so they could get to safety. That was the last they saw him.

Through a series of events, 10News learned Arnold's father had been evacuated himself shortly after Arnold left New Orleans. Arnold, Sr. was a few states away - in Columbia, South Carolina. With a little planning and a blessing from Arnold's father and grandmother, 10News, WLTX-TV in Columbia and the volunteer-based "Angel Flight" air transportation service reunited Arnold with his father on live television.

More than eight years later, the story and emotional video of "Arnold's Reunion" remains one of your "Straight from the Heart" Moments.