With a toddler at home and a big Thanksgiving day feast to cook, Samantha Boldin didn't want to waste any time in the grocery store. So she, like thousands of others across the country, turned to an online service to order her groceries.

With names like Instacart and Clicklist becoming phone screen regulars, Thanksgiving shopping is no exception. Workers for Clicklist at a Kroger in Powell say they've seen online orders double since this time last year.

"You can tell the difference by like the proteins that they’re buying," Megan Breeden, a Clicklist employee, said. "Instead of buying stuff for a normal week’s dinner, they’re buying turkey or ham."

Workers practically run through aisles, filling "supercarts" with six orders at once, sometimes eight or nine times per day.

"It’s easier for them," Becky Reed, another Clicklist employee, said. "Children don’t want to get out of the vehicles. The elderly, it makes it easier for them too."

And for busy shoppers like Boldin, it's taking convenience to a new level.

"It’s just a lot easier to do this with a toddler at home than to try to make a list and bring her with me," she said.