Being a 'social media influencer' is a trend that has come with social media that many young people are want to be a part of. Experts say this new wave of social media is killing interest for other, blue collar jobs.

"People don't want to work hard anymore. The times have changed. I notice the younger generation looking for work that doesn't require any hard physical labor," Tulin Wimetz, the VP of Community Relations at Skyco Staffing, said.

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Being a social media influencer entails posting pictures or videos to social media sights, gaining popularity and then hopefully making money from advertisements. There are several of them in Knoxville, including Tala Shatara's.

"I have over 16,000 followers and it means a lot," Shatara said.

Shatara said shes's noticed the influence social media has had over the years. She's a Senior at UT and said their are classes dedicated to mastering the craft.

"From Communications to Engineering, everyone is focused on social media," she said.

Shatara said it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep her account going loves giving feedback whenever she can.