There were bullet holes at an apartment complex in South Knoxville.

A UT parent says they're the result of one of three shootings over the past 10 days at his son's community.

Knox Ridge sits on Cherokee Trail near UT Medical Center.

The community released a statement Monday confirming the first shooting happened Dec. 29, the second Jan. 5 around midnight and the third on Jan. 6.

The statement describes each incident, saying:

On Dec. 29 a resident had a gathering at their apartment and there was a shooting incident. This was an isolated and targeted shooting incident. The individual involved was arrested. The resident was evicted and has vacated the property. Because this is an ongoing police investigation, in which we are cooperating fully, we are still limited on what we can communicate at this time.

On Jan. 4, there was a small house party in which an individual from the party shot his gun into the air outside the apartment. No one was injured. The two sheriffs that are on rotation at our property heard the shots and immediately notified the police. The individual who had the gun was arrested. The resident was issued an eviction notice and has 3 days to vacate.

The Jan. 6 incident was an isolated incident in which the resident, who was the owner of the gun and has a gun permit, was unloading his gun in his apartment and then gun went off. No residents were injured. We notified the police immediately and the resident was arrested. The eviction process for this resident has been issued and the resident has three days to vacate.

Operations Director for the managing company University Partners, Casey Schuler, says three residents tied to those shootings have either been evicted or will be soon.

One parent says the first shooting on the 29th worries him the most.

Neither of the parents 10News talked with wanted to go on camera, but both were worried about their child's safety.

The photos submitted by one father show holes in drywall and on the outside of a townhome at Knox Ridge.

Bullethole knox ridge 1
A UT parent provided 10News with what he says is a photo of one of the bullet holes caused by the shooting.

Travis Bower says he started working at the complex in October last year.

He says he quit this past week, although Knox Ridge says he was fired.

Bower says he wasn't there on Saturday the 29th.

But afterward, he says he counted 15 bullet holes in the side of three different townhomes during his maintenance duties, and many had gone through the wall.

knox ridge bullethole 2
A UT parent provided 10News with a photo of what he says are bullet holes caused by a shooting at Knox Ridge.

He says he understands those parents' concerns.

"We found fifteen rounds in the house that actually had went through siding, through windows, through doors, and into the actual dwelling," Bower said. "And it wasn't just the house where this female was, it was the houses on each side of it as well."

One parent says she is trying to get her children out of their lease. She says the office wouldn't let them out.

Schuler says tenant safety is of "utmost importance to us."

They have off-duty law enforcement patrolling the area now.

They also have each resident pass a background check and agree not to bring weapons on the property when they sign a lease.

Schuler says if parents or students are concerned, they'll review leases on a case-by-case basis.    

"It should be noted that UHP acquired this property a little over a month ago and are currently assessing and reviewing our overall safety measures," Schuler said.