Dollywood unveiled a Dolly Parton lookalike doll in various shops across the park and at DreamMore Resort and Spa. The American Girl-like doll resembles young Dolly in "Coat of Many Colors," complete with the famous blonde curls and colorful jacket.

Cyndi McCormack is the Vice President of Guest Experience at Dollywood and was a key player in getting the dolls on the shelves. She says when word got out about these unique gifts, Dolly fanatics from all over started making calls to the park just to try and get their hands on one.

“We have shipped the dolls all over the U.S. and actually into Canada already so we’re already seeing quite a frenzy over this little girl,” McCormack explained.

The dolls have only been out since November 29, and McCormack says if you want a Dolly doll, you better act fast.

"We have a very limited supply, so I would say, if there's interest we should probably act on that soon because there's not another opportunity to get another shipment in prior to Christmas," McCormack said.


While the dolls are not American Girl dolls because they are exclusive to Dollywood, they are the same size as the famous doll brand.

"In fact, all of her clothing and accessories work perfectly for American Girl." McCormack revealed.

Dolly's coat of many colors is even sold separately for those who already have an American Girl doll at home.

The dolls are $99.99, and to get your hands on a Dolly doll, you can visit the park, DreamMore Resort, or call 865-429-9713.