Zoo Knoxville's newest resident in now home!!

Arya, a 3-year old Malayan tiger, comes to Knoxville from the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in California, on the recommendation of the Malayan Tiger Species Survival Plan. It's hoped they Arya will get along well with Zoo Knoxville's current male tigers, Bashir and Tanvir, and hopefully have some babies!

Arya is slated to arrive at Zoo Knoxville within the coming weeks. (Courtesy: Zoo Knoxville)

Arya flew across the country on a Fed Ex plane, accompanied by two escorts from Zoo Knoxville, who are constantly by her side making sure she's comfortable and safe. 


After her arrival Thursday night, she explored her new temporary holding area where she will be under quarantine in the zoo's animal clinic for a while. The zoo's veterinary staff will make sure she is healthy, then she'll move to the zoo's new $10 million Tiger Forest habitat, making her public debut in April when it officially opens.  

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Zoo workers were prepared for her eagerly anticipated arrival, filling her den with plenty of bedding and favorite enrichment items that include logs and Boomer balls.

Malayan tigers are critically endangered, with fewer than 400 remaining on the planet.