He's an author, retired fire department captain and a cancer survivor, but the attribute that has most marked Condon Ralph Clough's 99 years is his love for music.

"I wouldn't want to actually - I have to say this - to live without classical and big band and good music. I love it all," Clough said.

Clough turns 100 on Friday, just a few weeks after finishing proton therapy for cancer. His music helped him through the treatments.

"Music adds the missing so-called - I have to call it that - ingredient in life if you don't have it," Clough said.

In addition to enjoying music, Clough has also written six books since his 90th birthday.

"I needed something to do and I decided to go all the way in some of them and use some of the scientific stuff two late friends of mine wrote, which according to them would solve the unification enigma Dr. Einstein was working on," Clough said.

While Clough says music is his motivator, he believes anyone who nears 100 years should find something they take delight in.

"You have to acquaint yourself with the fact that it's there," Clough said. "You can do something with it if you want to."