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'It means everything' | Scott Co. group thankful for recovery

"Don't ever give up hope," Natalie Hurst said. "I'm thankful for second chances."

SCOTT COUNTY, Tenn. — For Randall Byrge, his journey to recovery has changed his life.

"I'm thankful for my free life back and my relationship with God," he said. "My family's not scared of me anymore and they allow me in the house and they love me and trust me. ... It means everything."

This week, his recovery group based in Scott County was featured on the front page of the Independent Herald, a local paper in Oneida.

"A lot of these people have never been in the paper unless they were arrested or in trouble," Byrge said. "To hear that their families are proud of them for being in the paper and for doing something good, we loved it."

Credit: Independent Herald

Terrance Daniel Hughett said the same thing.

"I've been in that paper for bad things, so it felt great," he told 10News. "My mom and dad are proud of me, my kids are proud of me.... It can be done: just take it one day at a time."

For Natalie and Ian Hurst, recovery gave them each other. 

"I'm thankful for my wife. I'm thankful I got my family back," Ian Hurst said. "Reach out to somebody. There's somebody always willing to help you." 

"Don't ever give up hope," his wife Natalie said. "I'm thankful for second chances... I have my family back and a wonderful husband."

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Wesley Smith said he was thankful for forgiveness.

"I put my wife and my family through so much," he said. "Don't give up. It's hard. But by us doing this, you can see that someone's gone in front of you and tried to pave the way (to recovery)."

Tambra Taylor and Keesha Blevins are thankful to be mothers.

"I got my kids back. They're my life," Tambra Taylor said. "There is hope. You can do it. I did it."

"I've become a better mother with my recovery," Keesha Blevins said. "There's nothing to be ashamed. There isn't no road that we haven't been down, but we can help you make it through."

Ember Clark is also thankful to be a mom again.

"I've been clean for two years and five months," she said. "Don't categorize yourself. Just because you struggled at first does not mean that you're different or you're in a different category."

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