UPDATE, Nov. 30, 2017: Oneida Police Department K-9 Karma and her handler Officer Toby Jeffers will soon have a new set of wheels to help them patrol during winter weather.

The vehicle they had been driving was aging, and needed to be replaced. After donations from the community came in to help, they now have a much more suitable ride.

The car still needs to have a kennel installed, but it should be ready for service in a few weeks.

ORIGINAL STORY, Nov. 8, 2017: A member of the Oneida Police Department needs your help.

K-9 Karma needs a new set of wheels to help her and her handler get to work, no matter the weather.

Who do you know that charges into work with so much energy other than a dog?

"She loves coming to work already," K-9 Karma's handler Toby Jeffers said.

But charging through the snow and ice to get there this winter might keep K-9 Karma at home.

K-9 Karma at the Oneida Police Department is a 4-year-old German Shepherd who is very energetic. Her handler, Toby Jeffers, says she has a great nose and is able to sniff out illegal drugs and missing people.

"It always at least gets slick some during the winter," Jeffers said. "Slick enough not to have the patrol car out."

Jeffers drives a sedan right now, and Karma rides in the back.

He can't take her out in the snow because Karma has to have the special back seat to be able to go to work.

"The 4x4 would help a lot," Jeffers said. "I'd be able to take her work everyday with me then."

Karma is a 4-year-old German Shepard, and Jeffers enjoys her constant energy.

"As soon as I hit the lights or anything she starts barking, hyped up, ready to go," Jeffers said.

She's ready to track down criminals or drugs.

"Methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy," Jeffers said. "She's a narcotic dog, she's tracking and apprehension also."

While her current patrol car works, the 2007 Ford Crown Victoria can't handle snow and ice like an SUV would.

K-9 Karma of the Oneida Police Department.

"It's getting close to 180,000 miles now," Jeffers said, talking about his patrol car. "If it was to snow now and I was unable to get this car out, she would have to be left at home in the kennel, and she's not doing me or the department much good at home."

The department is hoping donations from the public can raise the $25,000 they need for an SUV.

"We're actually short on several vehicles, I mean, mine's not the only one," Jeffers said. "We have several older cars and it's just not in the budget right now to get any vehicles whatsoever."

The car would require special modifications, but Jeffers said it'll be put to good use.

"She has to have the kennel in the back, something flat for her to sit in," Jeffers said.

Jeffers said they've already received a donation for nearly $11,000, which is about half of what they need.

If you want to donate, make the check out to the Oneida Police Department, and in the memo put "K-9 Karma Vehicle."