As of 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, 178 East Tennessee pets found fur-ever homes through the NBC sponsored Clear the Shelters event. 

Here is what we know right now. 

  • Young Williams Animal Center – 88 adoptions
  • Companion Animal Rescue and Education (CARE) – 34 adoptions
  • Humane Society of Tennessee Valley – 31 adoptions 
  • Morristown Hamblen Humane Society – 21 adoptions
  • Anderson County Animal Shelter – 1 cat, 6 kittens 1 dog and 2 puppies
  • Loudon County Friends of Animals – 5 adult cats
  • Loudon County Animal Shelter – 2 dogs, 2 kittens
  • Slumdog Rescue Crew – 1 adoption, and took in one dog from another shelter

We are still waiting to hear back from the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter, the Grainger County Humane Society and Friends of the Animal Shelter for final numbers.

We will update the total as more numbers roll in.


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