WBIR is teaming up with Mobile Meals and Second Harvest Food Bank to help seniors in need.

Mobile Meals already delivers food to homebound seniors every day. The Connecting Hearts program will add a couple of extra elements for some of those seniors, including a weekly grocery bag and some quality time with visiting volunteers once a week.

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Here are some of the seniors we will be helping through the Connecting Hearts program:

Joyce is 81-years-old and has lived alone since her husband passed away last spring. Her only emergency contact is a friend who lives out of the county and is 90-years-old. Joyce relies on Mobile Meals to check on her every day because otherwise, she does not have contact with people.

Vivian and Bill are 88 and 86 years old and they live alone in Knox County. Until earlier this year, the couple were able to work together to care for themselves. He is legally blind and she has dementia. Vivian broke her leg and is not able to stand long enough to cook. Her nieces set up medications, but are otherwise not involved. The couple has no other family or friends who can help with their care. They do not drive and depend on CAC Transit for transportation. Vivian and Bill need Mobile Meals to ensure that they have a hot meal and contact with someone every day.

Edith is 65-years-old and lives alone on a low income with her two cocker spaniels. Due to neurological problems, she is no longer able to drive. Her only family is in California. She has friends in the area that occasionally are able to help her with grocery shopping or doctor visits, but even with this help, she is usually only able to get out once a month. Edith says that receiving Mobile Meals consistently provides her with a hot meal and a smile from a volunteer.

Florence is 91-years-old and has been living alone since her husband passed away. She has no family in the area, and her only emergency contact is her neighbor who is very worried about her. Since breaking her hip two years ago, Florence has been unsteady on her feet and has fallen down a few times. She does not use the stove because she is afraid of getting burned. She is new to the Mobile Meals program, and has come to rely on the program for her daily meals and a caring volunteer to check on her.