Knox County emergency workers are paying it forward to one of their co-workers who is seriously ill.

When Tiffany Russell, 23, is on the job for Knox County 911 she answers emergency calls from people across the area.

But now, she's spending her time in a hospital bed in Nashville fighting to stay alive.

"I've been at the hospital almost every day and a few times she's come close to losing it so it's been really hard. She's like a daughter to me," Stephanie Pinkston, one of Tiffany's colleagues, said.

About a month ago, Tiffany was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, a nervous system condition with many varying symptoms. For her, one symptom has caused blood loss.

But despite living in hospitals since early June, Russell is keeping her head up.

"I think it could be much worse. I'm so thankful for each day that I'm given. It's been really eye opening and it shows me how much my work family and family really cares and supports me through it all," Russell said.

Now Tiffany's work family is doing everything they can to help. They're trying to assist with medical expenses, cover her shifts, and they're organizing a blood drive in her honor on July 11.

Tiffany has already lost and replaced almost half the blood in an average body.

The Knox County E-911 center will host the blood drive on Monday July 11 at the First Lutheran Church from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It's located at 1207 North Broadway.