With winds reaching 155 miles per hour, Hurricane Michael was the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Florida Panhandle.

Eleven lives were lost in 4 different states, and billions of dollars in damages were done.

A group of 16 men from East Tennessee, called the 865 Vols, had seen enough.

"We wanted to go. We're from the Volunteer state," says Jason Shymlock, owner of Total Demolition Services.

He, along with more than a dozen other men, took heavy equipment, tools, and big hearts to help people in Mexico City Beach.

"I guess if you don't act now, you'll never take the opportunity," says Jason's brother, Kelby, an executive at Threads in Knoxville.

At no charge, they removed trees that had fallen on homes, debris which included boats in yards and everything in between.

"Our whole thing was we wanted to take debris from people's home and move it to the road," says Jason. "From there, FEMA removes it."

Word quickly spread that the team from Tennessee was the real deal.

"Most of the people we helped came back and ate with us and sat by the campfire and watched TV," Kelby says with a smile.

It was a big blessing for all.