Firefighters from all over the country are in East Tennessee, battling wildfires that are threatening homes and sending dangerous smoke into the air.

They have been overwhelmed in the local communities by the people offering food, drinks, and prayers for their safety.

On Wednesday, 10News was happy to partner with the Cochran family McDonald's to join in that effort to thank those firefighters for the dangerous work they do to keep us safe.

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We loaded up coolers full of burgers, water, and apple pies at one of the Knoxville McDonald locations owned by the Cochran family, and transported it up to Cocke County, where firefighters have been battling the Neddy Mountain fire for days.

Russell Biven and Todd Howell were happy to share a prayer and the food with all of those firefighters who managed to get a quick lunch break. They loaded up on food, many of them grabbing extra apple pies to go, and quickly returned to the front lines.

We thank them so much for all of their hard work, and thanks to the Cochran family McDonald's for making the meal possible.

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