Morgan Moeller loved gymnastics as a child, but in October of 2001, this little 8 year old girl, always full of life, suddenly became almost lifeless.

After taking her to the hospital with severe dehydration, the Moeller's learned their daughter had Type 1 juvenile diabetes, but that wasn't the worst part.

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Morgan's brain was swelling because of an illness called diabetic ketoacidosis with cerebral edema.

Morgan was put into a medically-induced coma. Her parents were told she would not walk or see again, or even live life without a feeding tube. But God had other plans.

"I prayed God would let me hear her say, 'daddy I love you' one more time," says her dad, Mike Moeller. "And he did."

With time, and a lot of love, Morgan began to heal and quickly earned the nickname "Miracle Morgan."

A few years later, Morgan walked back into Tataru's Gym where she learned gymnastics as a little girl. The owner and her former coach, Mike Tataru, was there to see it.

"She was so happy to see me, and we hugged," says Tataru.

After seeing Morgan interact with the kids, Tataru decided to take a leap of faith.

Even though Morgan still had some lingering disabilities, he paid it forward.

"I said come out here and be part time and work with the girls," says Tataru.

The decision was pure gold for Morgan and the girls she helps.

"I never on God's green earth thought I would be back here coaching," says Morgan. "I love teaching these girls."

Mike Moeller wrote a book about his family's journey called "Above the Clouds." For more stories about Morgan, visit her church's Facebook page.

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