The streets of Morristown on Thursday evening were flooded with pictures of loved ones who are detained by the government after an immigration raid.

Ninety-seven people were detained in a raid at the Southeastern Provision meat packing plant in Grainger County last week. Thirty-two were released, but 54 remain in detention, and 10 people will make their first appearance in federal court on Friday.

One more person was arrested on state charges.

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While families of those who were detained wait for answers, over 100 people held a march as a show of support.


One family whose mom is still detained said it's been a really hard week. Now, they are marching and praying because that's all they can do at this point.

"We haven't seen her since Thursday and we really miss her," they said.

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One woman who marched to show support said no good has come from the raid.

"It's just devastating, starting with the children. They are scared to go out and scared to go to school. Nobody gains by doing this," a woman named Janene said.

This march down Main Street was just one of many vigils and ceremonies that have happened over the past week, and some still can't believe the unity it's brought to the community.

"I never thought it would have such a major impact. Not just Hispanics, but other races," one woman said.

Records show nine of the 10 people who will be in court on Friday have already been deported in the past.

According to the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, the 54 other people who are still in ICE custody were taken to Louisiana where they'll start their legal process.