Flu cases continue to rise, and school continues to cancel.

While to goal is to keep everyone healthy, it put a major stress on many parents.

Nearly two dozen schools and school districts are shutting their doors over the next two days.

With school out for the rest of the week, the race is on to find childcare.

"We understand that the schools need to keep everybody safe," Knox County parent Marcie Middleton said.

Middleton's got a bit of a juggling act going.

"So here we are, trying to figure out how we are going to go to our jobs tomorrow and at the same time try to make sure that are kids are getting fed, being taken care of," Middleton said.

The mother of five has two kids at Cedar Bluff Elementary and one at Hardin Valley Academy.

"Our son was telling us that at Hardin Valley, there was children sitting in classrooms with no teachers," Middleton said. "And so they had to shuffle those kids around."

But none of her kids will be at school for the rest of the week.

Knox County, along with several other districts and schools, announced the flu is forcing them to shut down until Monday.

"That's definitely going to be challenge over the next couple of days," Middleton said.

A business seeing a big impact from school closures is daycare.

"Parents, have, as soon as they've walked into the door, asked, are you guys going to be open tomorrow?" Westside Learning Center's Nikki Brunner said.

Nikki Brunner at Westside Learning Center said attendance is definitely higher when school is closed.

And keeping every thing germ-free isn't easy.

Disinfecting wipes and hand washing are priorities.

"It's hard to remind them--I hear a sneeze and turn immediately to see who it was," Brunner said. "Go wash your hands, find some hand sanitizer or do something."

Middleton said supplies go fast, and whether it's a daycare or a school, teachers and staff would be thankful for a donation.

"I think that us as parents, if we just take on a little bit of that burden, I know we do that at the beginning of the year, but those things also go, they go through them really fast," Middleton said.

Many daycares will also be closed in the coming days, so parents should be on the lookout for those.