Tennessee is certainly living up to its Volunteer name.

Two months after the devastating and deadly Sevier County wildfires, the volunteer effort has not stopped.

At the Distribution Center in Pigeon Forge, some of the same people who were helping the week of the fires are still giving of themselves today.

"There are people who are here to volunteer when we open, and the same volunteers are here when we close," said volunteer coordinator Roy Helton.

A volunteer fills out paperwork at the distribution center in Pigeon Forge where Sevier County residents can pick up supplies needed after the November wildfires.

Most say they just want a way to help their neighbors. Others say the felt led to give of themselves for the benefit of others without wanting anything in return.

The compassion and willingness to give is overwhelming, especially to those most affected.

To anyone who has volunteered to help those touched by the wildfires, we say thank you, Straight From the Heart.