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Planning Commission approves Buffat Mill Estates plans, new Taco Bell on Kingston Pike

The Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission discussed several proposed developments on Thursday.
Credit: Planning Commission

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission met Thursday to discuss several proposed developments. They include a proposed subdivision in East Knoxville that would cover around 70 acres and create around 290 lots. It is named Buffat Mill Estates and would be located at 5233 McIntyre Road.

They also discussed whether to build a new Taco Bell restaurant on the northern side of Kingston Pike.

Buffat Mill Estates - Conditionally approved

RD Buffat LLC asked to build Buffat Mill Estates in the East Knoxville area, creating 290 lots for homes, according to the development's plans. The Planning Commission originally recommended it be approved under a total of 15 conditions, with two of those added at Thursday's meeting.

First, developers said there were some community concerns about the proximity of a proposed greenway trail that went around the perimeter of the property. They proposed removing the proposed trail altogether, to address privacy issues.

However, some commissioners said that he wanted to keep the plans for the greenway as a public amenity. One person at the meeting said he was worried the greenway would make the area less safe. The Planning Commission rejected the developer's plan to remove the greenway and approved plans that included the greenway.

Developers also said they needed to grade some areas on the property, disturbing some vegetation there. They said they wanted to submit a plan for the regrading project before going through with the development.

Credit: Planning Commission

Opposition to the project said they wanted to see a grading and vegetation plan before approving the development. The plans were postponed last month so community members could meet with developers and discuss the development.

At a minimum, lots would need to be at least 5,000 square feet. According to documents, 79 students would be brought to the subdivision.

The plans that included the greenway as originally presented passed in an 8-5 vote.

North Kingston Pike Taco Bell - Approved

The Planning Commission approved plans to build a new Taco Bell at 5613 Kingston Pike, where an unused building is currently located. It would include a drive-through facility and would be located near a car wash and down the street from a Kroger and a Petco.

it would be Store #041276 and would include a patio canopy and would be open until around 4 a.m. according to commissioners.

The plans were approved in an 8-5 vote. Opposition to the plans said they were concerned that the new restaurant could make the area less safe and impact traffic in the area.

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